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Moha : 100 sqr meter. Exclusive quality in the richest hill area , Most beautiful part of Budapest, Prefered with car, Public bus station is 15 minutes walking, Center the Elizabeth (white) bridge 15 minutes with bus or car. 2 bathrooms , 2 floors,  2 bedrooms, 1 gallery , 1 livingroom , 1 kitchen, Green belt ,Garage with the flat, Secure parking nearby Big shopping centers like Auchan , Tesco, Cora, Ikea are nearby

ABC - Hungary - Budapest
Phone/Fax: 36-20 4781423

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Tel-1:+36-20-588-5556, in Hungary 06-20-588-5556 Tel-2:+36-20-478 1423, in Hungary 06-20-478-1423 . , , SBC.HU/rent Money transfer: Otp Bank 11773054-06671011 (account number)


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